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"We remember the martyr president Bashir Gemayel and the hope that he embodied the establishment of the strong republic," emphasizes the sharpness "to form the government today for tomorrow, especially because the living conditions do not delay, and commit to political rest to facilitate the negotiations on the formation of the government "He said.

The bloc pointed out that "the armed forces have done their utmost to speed up writing, and that the ball in the court of trying unjustly and avoiding the forces carries the responsibility of the Lebanese in the delay of the authorization ", pointing out that" Lebanon immediately needs a financial emergency plan for the government because social conditions is no longer unacceptable and predicts real disasters. "

The bloc was surprised by the "deliberate urge to normalize with the Syrian regime and the tension of the country in controversial cases that had been suspended to ensure the stability and regularity of institutions, especially since the war in Syria is not yet at an end", stresses the need to adhere to the policy of self-exclusion, the heart of an explosive arena that serves the interests of all Lebanese people. "

"We emphasize the need to solve the problem of displaced people, away from attempts to politicize open backgrounds, and to call for speeding up the mechanisms to send them back through a Lebanese-Russian, American and international commission of the Quartet," he said. Away from calls and arrests that suggest that Lebanon is slipping into the refineries of a police state. & # 39;

"We are currently in the process of submitting a bill on subsidized housing loans and another opening of funds for the purchase of medicines," he said.

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