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Al-Akhbar reported that the president of the republic, General Michel Aoun, is preparing a mini-dialogue, which includes politicians from the "first row" whose job is to discuss all fundamental political issues. But Aoun will ask for it after the formation of the government. The President of the Republic, after the positions he has launched on the composition and after the end of the holiday, to the nominated Prime Minister Saad Hariri & # 39; advanced & # 39; to move, and soon to establish a government line-up.
Those familiar with the atmosphere of the President of the Republic have reiterated that on 1 September the process of formation of the government enters a new phase, ie the departure of the impasse, after the end of the summer holidays and holidays. Insiders say there is no break or pause between the first and third president, and there is even a daily contact between them, by telephone or through the delegates, but insiders say it is not necessary to announce this when contact occurs.

President Aoun, according to insiders, wants to form a government for foreign conferences and events. The first of these events will be the opening of the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 12 September, where President Aoun will be the guest of the year and will make an important speech. He will then lead the Lebanese delegation to New York on 24 September to implement Lebanon's speech on 26 September. That is why "it is important that Aoun and the government are formed, because of this positive reflection on the unity of the Lebanese position with regard to the problems that arise".

But if the delay in forming the government continues, the insiders say one of the president's options is to explain the Lebanese explanation of the reasons for the failure of the government. But that will not happen before you talk to Saad Hariri, and know the direction he will take. One of the aforementioned options is to send a letter to the House of Representatives, in which insiders confirm that Aoun respects the constitution and its powers, especially because he is the only official whose mandate begins with the oath to comply with the constitution. preserve. Insiders say there is a margin of movement within the constitutional framework, emphasizing that no one has spoken about withdrawing the mandate, and does not take serious talk about this issue, or about setting deadlines that are binding on the nominee.

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