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In response to a question about the words of the leader Samir Geagea of ​​the Lebanese armed forces about the presidency and the government during his last episode on the MTV channel, insiders said that President Michel Aoun did not want a fight. His response to Geagea was transferred to Minister Melhem Riyashi during his visit yesterday Baabda Palace, according to "news."
In this context, other sources familiar with the content of the meeting between Aoun and Riyashi said that the meeting was good, "mainly dedicated to the transfer of the invitation to President Aoun to attend the mass of martyrs, armed forces, but they discussed the problem of self-aloofness and the importance of Lebanon's distance from regional conflicts, The issue of government ».
A leading source in the «armed forces» told the «news» that the obstruction of the formation of the government «comes from the minister Gibran Basil», «he insists on the arrest of the formation of interests and close profits in particular, and insists on trying to sow discontent between the president and the Lebanese armed forces, and a public opinion at his side, at the expense of the crown prince ». The source added that Bassil "insists on hiding behind the covenant when he is criticized, and to consider that the person who criticizes his greedy performance criticizes the covenant."

The source explained that "the problem is not in the part of the covenant and not because it was an essential part of the agreement, but the problem in the calculation of Bassil for its share more than once, what the covenant and the agreement Maarab »Harms.

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