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MP Adnan Trabelsi said in a speech at a ceremony honoring the successful students in the official certificates of the Islamic Salah al-Salah high school in Baalbek that "we are waiting for the formation of the new government." The economic, social and social situation will no longer be likely to delay and waste opportunities and time. And neglected for many years are still groaning under the weight of neglect of the state, and the most prominent of these areas Baalbek Hermel.
He said: "We know that there are achievements and projects carried out by the deputies and ministers of the region, but this is not enough." The need for more care and attention for this region by the state and the state does not just need the region. to remember when it comes to a security plan, "stresses that" Need for real development, jobs, support for agriculture and industry, export of agricultural production and much more. "
"Some officials do not think about the concerns of the citizens, but think about their positions and personal calculations, and it is time to put an end to this neglect and neglected areas in the state's priorities and a balanced development to place."

Trabulsi began by congratulating the students, the secondary administration, the teaching staff and the parents "on the excellence and success of our students."

It was also the speech of the director of the high school Sheikh Ayman Saleh, who announced that "after the Baalbek Hermel became an educational area, the solution of our students in the highest ranks and by God willing in the coming years will top the list stand."

For his part, the director of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects in the Bekaa Sheikh Osama al-Sayyid, a religious accompaniment speech inspired by the occasion.

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