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On August 23, 1982, it was a turning point in the history of Lebanon by the election of Bashir Gemayel, the leader of the Lebanese resistance, as president of the republic.

Once the young president was elected, a workshop on self-reform was launched in the Lebanese government and state institutions. A strong leader, from the ranks of the Lebanese resistance, Nazif Kaf, a clear vision, fought for the cause of which thousands of fighters were killed, surrounded by a dedicated and impartial team to bring the Lebanese ship to safety.

Before he took over the helm of the presidency, the work of the state departments was closed, the doors of the robbery closed, the kiosks and brooms stopped, and the traffic cop became more upset if he exceeded the law. More importantly, the withdrawal of the PLO with its President Abu Ammar from Lebanon is to restore the sovereignty of Lebanon on its territory through its legitimate force.

The rule of regularity began before his election when he looked at the Lebanese with words and positions of poetry that would lead the Lebanese people to the government throne and nobody begging, nor would they accuse someone. Strong rule begins with a courageous attitude and faith in Lebanon at home and the application of the law to everyone, starting with the close family members.

On the 23rd of August we have to learn that we can make other victories despite the difficulties we face. The situation of Bashir's days was no better than what we live today.

But the will and faith of Bashir in the cause for which he fought was one of the incentives that produced this victory. Therefore, as Christians and Lebanese, we must believe in our identity and work with all our energy to improve the situation of the country, not to leave it to others and abandon our historical responsibilities. If we leave, we will leave the country and we leave. Lebanon needs sacrifice and effort from all of us.

Bashir told us that the resistance was not focused on the distribution of loot and quota or on elections and positions, but on the cause and vision. Public affairs and national action must be based on a lifestyle that believes in freedom, justice, democracy, freedom and equal opportunities, especially in the preservation of Lebanon's cultural and historical identity. This is exactly what Bashir brought to the state on 23 August. On that day, Bashir won the project and the project he prepared was the legitimate project of the next government.

The strong president carries out a strong project, not to impose it on the Lebanese, but to impose the new reformist pattern, which citizens began to see as soon as he was elected by the regularity of the state apparatus and institutions and the return of the life and convergence of citizens from all regions & # 39; s.

After his election as president, Bashir offered his program and visions for the creation of a strong state, and went to the Lebanese saying: "The homeland will pay for it, and the farm will pay for it, and in both cases there is a price It is better to pay the price of the fatherland than to pay for the farm. "

& # 39; I came to ask you to tell the truth, no matter how hard it was, & # 39; he said. But if the growth is real, we can beat the ruler in experiments, so do not expect the ruler to experiment … "

After 36 years, we feel that Bashir was a visionary, he warned of the failures of the previous government and his vision of the future. Today we do not see the rule of law but those who are not there, and there is no equality between the sons of one nation. Lebanon is no longer strong in its institutions. .

Bashir warned against the building of the farm and we build it as a stone, and we see chaos in the institutions of the state and its administrations because it is led by mistrust, and the corrupt can not build the rule of law. Today's state and officials do not want to face the truth, but face it with the citizens who refer to it, for fear of their profits, positions and personal effects … and personal freedom and freedom of expression have become a dead letter. ..

If the officials from the top of the pyramid to the bottom of the pyramid remember and preach to their older predecessors, their history in the hearts of the Lebanese will be remembered as Bashir, because they have set the slogan "First Lebanon".

The date of August 23, 1982, on the day that Bashir was elected president, remains a source of hope for the new Lebanon.

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