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Has not excluded political sources that are familiar with the "brigade" to relocate the government file after the holiday of Eid al-Adha, because the continuation of the situation leaves behind complications.

The sources showed that developments in this dossier represent a step forward, but that depends on the contacts that are becoming and are expected to increase in Lebanon and abroad.

Meanwhile, parliamentary sources in the "strong Lebanon" block predicted that the month of August would not have positive developments in the government because of the overlap of the external dimension with the government dossier on more than one side. She said the president knows well that he does not want anything to happen and that there are no solutions, noting that he knows the constitution well and is always trying to help the president who is responsible for his efforts to form his government, as well as the success of his time.

"A father keeps all victories, a few days apart, from 2006 to the dawn of the pack, and he will bring a solution to the families of the government towards the end," he said. Say: "Hariri's choice of options and the oldest." He described Gritsati's call in the sense that he urged the appointed president and showed no optimism.

"Aoun has projects he wants to achieve to build a state, fight corruption, break down an economy and support security institutions beyond the need to complete the government budget and keep open legislative sessions on everything," he said. Legislation of necessity, so we very much appreciated the position of President Nabih Berri and discussed and called upon the nominee chairman to suspend the lost playing time. "

"If President Hariri does not hold the formation within days, there are solutions for President Michel Aoun," he said, referring to the constitution and maintaining an important regulation. "How? The source was satisfied with the gesture and the Minister of Justice in the interim government.

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