Mufti Sousan: achievements in Sidon thanks to the honest, loyal and loyal

The Grand Mufti of Saida and Sheik Sheikh Salim Sousan held the Eid prayer in the Haj Bahaa al-Din al-Hariri mosque in the city with the participation of President Fuad Siniora, Shafiq Hariri, Ambassador Abdel Molly Solh and a large crowd and camps of the city.

Mufti Sousan and in the sermon of al-Adha found that "the Lebanese citizen of all sects and ghosts looks forward to the state to the newly elected parliament." And that "with all the results achieved in Sidon thanks to honest and loyal and loyal to the crisis, we are still living today by the Lebanese, from the environmental issue to electricity and what you know with electricity and development and unemployment and lack of work and others and others."

"The citizen asks what the way out is and what is the solution?" "The promises are many, but when do we arrive at the gates of winter and at the gates of schools and school premiums, what is the solution, we are faced with economic, commercial and financial constraints and the country suffers from a lack of economic and commercial movement. "Everyone talks about corruption and waste, who decides to stop them for the rest of the political and social crises, what is the solution?"

"We stand for a country without a government, when it is composed and how it is composed, the Lebanese countries want to enjoy security, security, civil peace, dignity, progress and stability in the homeland of a free, independent Arab sovereign and under a strong and just state that is governed by the law, And does not like its authority extends to all its facilities and all its territory. "To greet the Lebanese army and its righteous martyrs. & # 39;

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