Municipality of Majdal Anjar: The interests of the Litani should be entrusted with polluting the river to the Ministry of Energy

Mayor of Majdal Anjar Saïd Yassin, in a statement in which he responded to the warning of the national importance of the River Litani to the municipality about the pollution of the river water with sewerage and waste disposal, that "the interest charged to the main perpetrator of The Ministry of Energy, which extended the sewage networks for the existence of our municipality for a long time and dragged them to the Litani River, instead of sending warnings and complaints to successive governments, addresses it haphazardly and indiscriminately victims and the victims and keep the dead instead of listening to the killer, Applied the popular saying "What is for the cow, With the" calf ".

He pointed out that "with regard to the sewerage network of the city already exists more than fifty years, and other networks in neighboring cities", pointing out that "the only solution is to implement the refinery in the plain that Qab Elias promised, to speed up, As promised by other people from the Bekaa who have participated in sit-ins and demonstrations and even their camps to demand the rapid execution of this station, mercy for the inhabitants of the course of the Litani River, suffering from death and illnesses due to great pollution and lack of care to provide solutions that fight the causes of pollution, especially the people in Bar Elias And the lawn, "claim" We will join them Nana, as we always do, at any request to move. "

"As far as waste processing is concerned, I would like to emphasize that Majdal Anjar has a special landfill for waste in the eastern chain of the Lebanon mountains, and the municipality is currently carrying out a waste separation project at the same location," Note that "the course of the Litani river does not coincide at any point geographically with Majdal Anjar or with its territory, so that the camps for displaced Syrians in the city are far from the river, in addition to the municipal mechanisms to collect the waste from these The camps and throw them to the city. & # 39;

He noted that "the lack of professionalism of the national importance of the Litani River and its inefficiency in identifying the reasons and means to pollute and clean the river, and this makes us wonder if it is the competent and appropriate to actually clean the course of this river, so we are careful to address warnings to those who are entitled in violation of the Litani River "We are all convinced that the plan, which was discussed by the head of the transitional government responsible for the formation of the government, Saad Hariri, will provide a comprehensive solution to the problem of pollution, through the creation of refineries and the prevention of infringements and cleaning. River and remove all causes of pollution. "

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