Neither a vice-premier nor a sovereign portfolio of troops

Prime Minister Saad Hariri is expected to meet with Secretary of State Gibran Bassil today to ask for a date for President Michel Aoun's visit to Baabda, according to the newspaper "Al-Akhbar", who pointed out that these meetings were expected yesterday Hariri has returned from his private journey to Egypt, but Hariri has preferred contacts far from the spotlight just before the start of the countdown to submit the first draft government to the president of the republic.

The paper also heard that Hariri had clearly told the leader Samir Geagea of ​​the Lebanese armed forces that he could no longer wait to form his next government. He also clearly told him that neither a vice prime minister nor a sovereign portfolio of troops would be with the next government.

In the information, Hariri works harder to solve the "three decade" of government formation: the military node, the Druze Gang and the "March 8" representation complex. Sources that are familiar with the current contacts said that the last node was "serious".

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