New developments on the Lebanese "Mona Almmtboh"

On Thursday evening, the Egyptian authorities deported the Lebanese tourist Mona Almtabouh to her country, days after her sentence was transposed, from 8 years in prison to a year in prison after being convicted on charges of "insulting the Egyptians."

According to Akhbar al-Youm, "the Cairo International Airport security authorities have deported the murdered woman to her country at 10 a.m. (8 a.m. GMT)."
Last Sunday, an Egyptian court planned the sentence of the eight-year-old slaughterhouse sentence to a year in prison after being convicted on charges of "insulting the Egyptians and insulting them in harsh terms and words punishable by law."

A decision later welcomed by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement.

"The Slaughtered" in the 10-minute segment said she was subjected to "verbal intimidation" by two young men in a street in Cairo and taxi drivers, and that she was being robbed of her money.
As "sat" fasting and behavior of the Egyptians in the month of Ramadan, noting that a restaurant was delayed in providing food because it does not serve customers for the ears of Morocco.

She later apologized in another video clip with respected Egyptians & # 39 ;.

The Lebanese public prosecutor, Mona Al-Muttabouh, referred to an urgent court case in June after publishing a video clip on her Facebook page stating "insulting the Egyptians".

On 7 July, an Egyptian Criminal Court sentenced eight years' imprisonment for conviction before the sentence was transposed on Sunday.

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