News from Syria today – the death of Hanna Mina .. novelist who is "Guar" in support of Assad against the Syrians

The press agency SANA named Tuesday the writer and novelist Hanna Mina, 94 years old, according to official official "SANA".

The writer Hanna Mina, born in 1924 in the city of Lattakia, is the author of truth and truthfulness, my contribution to the enrichment of the Arabic novel and worked diligently until he was creative and creative.

As far as his literary beginnings are concerned, she was modest, including writing petitions to the government, writing articles and small news articles for newspapers in Syria and Lebanon, and then developing into large articles and short stories.

With the collaboration of a number of national and democratic writers in Syria and the Arab countries, Hanna Mina contributed to the founding of the Syrian writers 'association in 1951, when the Society organized the first Arabic Writers' Conference in 1954 with the participation of a number of national and democratic writers. in Syria and the Arab countries. Arab.

Hanna's literature was a real estate, and he said of himself that he is a writer of social realism, and rejects realism as a school of literary expression that takes reality as it is. In fact, reality in life becomes an artistic reality in literary work.

The writer and the Syrian writer Jean Saleh previously published an article about Hanna Mina and said:

Hanna Menah, we can classify him as one of the intellectuals who have argued with the Syrian revolution or who are different with the rebellious people against the regime of Assad and Baathist rule. This may be for ideological reasons, since his revolutionary or political convictions do not correspond to the principles of the Syrian revolution, under the umbrella of an Islamic revolution that emerges from the mosques, as Adonis did.

This unconscious and non-mystical justification, however, tries to escape confrontation with the regime and suppress all aspects of Syrian life since the 1960s. Hanna Menah's position was therefore very negative in the 1980s when the regime arrested Syrians, tortured and humiliated. Stories from heroes from the cities that start with the letter H "Hama and Aleppo, and maybe Homs."

This is a language of political inspiration: progressive and communist proverbs attribute what happened in Syria in those years to the cities of Syria, connecting these provinces with what befell them to a party with a reactionary political ideology that silenced them by killing them with bombing, prisons and torture. On the way to what was happening in his country, or his silence, there was implicit consent to all this repression and chaos for freedom and the end of a dictator.

He did not take a clear stand on the Syrian revolution, which I think was because of his political background as a radical socialist that it was not a revolution of liberties, but Islamic groups armed with foreign hands, "he said, but the truth remains obscure: is Hanna Menah afraid to raise his voice as a great intellectual and to stand with the poor people in reality, not just between the pages of books and fiction?

But his point of reference to the crimes of genocide against the Syrian people by the Assad regime will remain a black hole in his pages as intellectual thinkers, novelists of the poor and hardworking since his adolescence and through all his novels that this Syrian social reality reflected, The Syrians are angry with every Syrian intellectual who does not stand up for their rights to freedoms and change, and who do not prevent them from criticizing Adonis' right "despite his creative output."

My vision is the product of his society, and he must be real with the simple people in their ambitions and dreams of change and the people's government, not contradicting his cultural philosophy and writing in the writing cities, and although Hanna Menh said that freedom is more important than bread, but left behind his mysterious silence A mystery about freedom and bread and his voice with the arms and arms of the makers of revolutions.

And the return to his political positions, has seen many observers and critics who supported the deceased writer in the lion Syrian artist "Ghwar Toush" Duraid Lahham, who cracked the heads of Arabs in his series and plays and films about freedom to the Arab reader to surprise that all this was only allowed a snooze by Assad Vader of actor Duraid Lahham, the son of his sect. When the Syrian revolution began and the massacres occurred among the Syrian people, this writer, who claimed to be a communist and Marxist, and with the poor and oppressed, remained silent because he believed that all the Syrian people were Islamic terrorists.

Hanna Mina and Dureid Lahham are two sides of one coin, so they were briefly said.

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