Not to connect the formation of the government with external matters that only change in our own favor

News – Haj Hassan: No to link the formation of the government to an external problem will not only change in our own favor
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On Tuesday 18 September 2018 09:13

In a speech on the Al-Ashrawi Council in the city of Labaya in western Bekaa, the Minister of Industry in the interim government Hussain Al-Haj Hassan stressed that "America's projects in the region are 100 percent clear. the projects of fragmentation, fragmentation, and wars between the peoples and countries of the region to weaken countries, the destruction of economies and the destruction of armies to facilitate the control of the region, and here is the confrontation between Iran and the ashes of resistance, this is the title of confrontation between these two camps and the two axes, so when we greet every evening of nights of haraam We salute the day of the living I refer to Muharram and when we remember this disaster, which is full of all its dimensions and meanings, and one of the most important dimensions and meanings is our humiliation. "

Despite the difficult economic situation, the Lebanese are still waiting for the formation of a government, despite the real need for all Lebanese to form a government. The most important contract that impedes its formation is not relativity and the results of the recent parliamentary elections that resulted in parliamentary blocs did not agree. Of the former, and therefore these results and the real size of the blocks, which must be proportionally reflected within the next government, obstruct the movement of authorship if there is an external inspiration that may be based on some or served by some of its positions that are aware S formation of the government.

I hope that "some will realize that it is now time for Lebanese solutions not to link the formation of the government to an external issue that will only change in the interests of our ashes, although some believe that an external party is facts and facts and paths and trends will change, he will wait and force the Lebanese to wait with him "He said.

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