Nothing will happen in Zahleh, despite the parents and whatever you conspire against the interests of the people, we will watch out

A member of the powerful republican bloc, MP George Aqeis, said in a statement in response to Ather of his statement, in which he defended the interests of Zahle and his people and the people of the Zahle district, who insist that power supply survives, that "yet it seems that some do not want to understand it Or it is not used to being a mirror of the people and echoing their voice, and there seems to be a class deceived, and the other is being mobilized to the suspicious transactions that began to smell in the plains of Zahle where generators are brought and to cover large stations in preparation for the next reality.

"The Lebanese armed forces in Zahle are the voice of the people, the representative of the majority of the population, they do not trade with a former candidate on the list of matches, nor with a current deputy in a" free national "stream, we do not miss an opportunity to express our wish. "We thank the latter for advising us to study the text of Article 89 of the Constitution, and advise him to follow the same salutation in return as the Constitution, which states that the people the source of authority. "

"If you have followed all our positions since the beginning of the suspicious campaign at Zahle Electricity Company, you know that we, more than you, lower the rate if it is really high and unjust, and we do not count on the Public Prosecution Service being performed by a colleague who did not "We are waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which made a statement a few days ago that we did not understand."

"On the contrary, we refuse to place our parents for the fait accompli caused by the end of the concession period and to say that the impotent electricity or another Lebanon deal will be publicly disclosed at the appropriate time," he said. , pointing out that "we used the Minister of Energy in the interim government César Abi Khalil, direct dialogue and then parliamentary question to find his answer to the only question, no matter how loud their voices, we will not stop bring it to an end, "you wonder what is your plan to supply Zahle 24/24/24 hours of electricity and the same quality and service? After three months of protecting the power, why do not you believe it today? If you think the law allows you to increase the tariff for securing electricity in the Zahle area 24/24, how will you respond to the requirements of the remaining areas of the same unavoidable service? – And even more importantly, do you blame the people in the Zahle district for your ability and plans Do you want to send people to the tender reports about your deals? "

He concluded by saying: "With all my love and hardness, I tell you that the MP supervises the work of ministers and has the right to self-evident responsibility and opposition, unless you have a different concept of the separation of powers," emphasizing that nothing will pass into Zahle, despite the people of Zahle, and all that you have conspired against the interests of We will be the first to apologize to you and the messengers for you. "

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