Official website of the Al-Jadid channel, places, at Beirut airport … An influential woman who offends President Tamam Salam!

The newspaper Al-Akhbar reported that a story is being disseminated by the political councils in Beirut on the occasion of the conflict over the power and destruction of Beirut airport. According to eyewitnesses, one of the women arrived late at Beirut airport and used her influence to conquer a Mediterranean plane on her way to a European capital, but the company demanded that she be given four seats in the business wing and a fifth in the regular class. As soon as she entered the plane, she insulted the former Prime Minister Tammam Salam by saying that she had taken her seat and had not left her official reference, appointed by the minister or state, until she checked it by asking her for refusing her a fifth regular seat. Salam, however, decided to leave her first seat and take her normal seat, some tried to keep him from leaving the chairs for the lost woman (the airport management ordered her to take her off the plane, but she refused), but he stayed in his tempo, High: "You have not felt any sense of prejudice"!


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