Osama Saad led the Eid al-Adha prayer in the …

The Secretary General of the popular Nasserite Organization MP Dr. Osama Saad with a large crowd of worshipers delivered the Eid al-Adha prayer in the Great Mosque in Sidon.

Saad received a big welcome about the impact of music and songs presented by the Muslim scouts.

Then Saad went to the Eid prayer performed by her mother, the virtue of the judge Sheikh Ahmad Al-Zein. And then Ayed Saad worshipers in the mosque, and then went to the alleys of Sidon old to the old cemetery where he read the light on the shrines of martyrs, led by Marouf Saad, and the martyrs of the People's Liberation Army.

Then Saad marched a popular march to the cemetery of the Shiite community, where he read the Koran. Then went to Martyrs Square and read the light of the souls of the martyrs of the Israeli invasion in 1982.

He also visited the grave of the hunter Mustafa Saad on the new cemetery of Sidon and the rest of the martyrs and militants.

On the other side Saad visited Dar Iftaa in Sidon, where he congratulated the mufti of Saida and her eminence Sheikh Salim Sousan.

Saad had congratulated the Lebanese, Arabs and Muslims in all countries.

Saad expressed his hope for the rescue of the Lebanese people from crises and sufferings in all areas, and that the Palestinian people will take basic steps on the path of liberation and return, and that the peoples of the Arab nation will be able to face the challenges. and dealing with dangers they face.

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