Paula Yacoubian cut a road and escalated and threatened with the parents

The inhabitants of the San Simon / Wing, with participation of MP Paula Yacoubian and the fishermen's association in the region on Sunday, issued a warning to demand that the drinking water be brought back to the houses after they were completely cut off from them.

The inhabitants of the area suffered from scabies due to the absence of water from their homes and pollution of the seawater. "I tried to get in touch with stakeholders such as water and other interests, but I could not hear it," she said. There is also a responsibility to be borne by the Al-Ghubairi municipality. Today we were able to absorb the resentment of the people who wanted to cut the road completely, but after a week we will take escalating steps with them. "

Yacoubian stressed that "the people in San Simon are already unloading their waste after a simple awareness-raising campaign that we have carried out." If there was a real state that would perform its duties, the screening would have been imposed now, because we would have treated 90 percent of the waste crisis. The solution to keep the rest of them away from the option to burn the worst and the most dangerous and the highest costs.

Yacoubian took part in a campaign to clean the beach in the area and thanked Citi Blue for his cooperation and help.

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