Peaceful demonstration and the right of the colleagues for the Ministry of Education, non-civilized

Arabic window The board of directors of the Association of teachers of basic education in Lebanon condemned in a statement what some colleagues in primary education have presented to the Ministry of Education. "The association regretted what we saw on television today and social media reported violent scenes from some colleagues and the Ministry of Education, which we believe is immune to democratic and human values ​​in the presence of the Minister of Education and Higher Education in the interim government Marwan Hamadeh. & # 39;

She added: "The Commission condemned the intensity of these unscrupulous and indecent acts of the contracting colleagues, knowing that they have the right to a peaceful demonstration of the authority of the mother, the Ministry of Education to Obtain their legitimate rights to stabilize the state after years of hard work, "It has become necessary to appeal to the contracting colleagues to unite their efforts in a single committee to obtain legitimate rights. "

She noted that the contractors of primary education are not the only ones. "Our business is our business and we are determined to find solutions to improve the formal school," she said.

She reiterated her demand that Minister Hamadeh should make an urgent agreement to meet her to explain the concerns and obstacles of the beginning of the school year to all the problems of the official school, noting that she called on the minister to look with one eye. looking at official education with the question: "Is the answer or are we going to escalate?" .

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