Phalange: there is no solution but to accelerate the formation of a government of competent specialists

The political office of the Lebanese Phalange party has spoken at the weekly meeting under the leadership of MP Sami Gemayel in the latest developments. He made a statement after completing his deliberations and stressed that "the power-hungry forces" continue to divide quotas " , share and share, and try to reach the country through It is a matter of balance, and makes the task of making the government a bazaar, in the play of its interests, to forget the interests of the Lebanese and delusional, and indifferent to the situation in the country, which is immersed in open crises that warn that the worst is coming.

He pointed out that "these indicators have made the Brigades believe that there is no real intention to correct the warp, through a sound national balance based on a clear bailout plan, taking into account the seriousness of the political situation, economically and alive and educational, and decide the political forces on the basis of whether they agree to take part in Government or stay outside.

In the light of this reality, the Phalange party stressed that "there is no solution but to accelerate the formation of a government of competent specialists who is capable of taking serious and radical measures, supported by a firm decision to save me as the situation continues as it is. "

The statement pointed out that "the Phalange party, which has always warned about the continued existence of displaced persons in Lebanon, confirms the priority of their return to their country, and believes that international initiatives, in particular the Russian initiative, this return guarantee, since the Russian mediator can influence the Syrian regime and the open channels With the international community, to secure the conditions for such a return, especially because Moscow was declared ready during the visit of the President of the Brigades in October last year , and today changed the Russian willingness to an international resolution after the Helsinki Summit.

The Phalange party stressed "the need to adhere to the policy of neutrality," warning of "the risk of interference in the affairs of others, which has serious consequences for Lebanon and its children abroad."

He said that "the series of mistreatment of freedom of opinion and thought reached an unprecedented level, while maintaining a policy of intimidation and seduction, and how many mouths and oppression of the freedmen," pointing out that "any violation of the freedom of expression and expression guaranteed by the Constitution and rejecting any form of free democratic system, And the other opinion: "face all free calls to" watch vigilance and vigilance and practices that drag people to court without being justified. "

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