Politically exploded between the "current" and "forces"

Has exploded politically between the & # 39; current & # 39; and & # 39; The Troops & # 39 ;, with slogans and direct campaigns that are used in terms of political vocabulary is the most violent in the history of succession between the parties. And if many questions have surrounded the renewed engagement between them, especially in connection with the lifting of the president of the republic on the roof of his authorship and the referring to certain words at the beginning of September, the atmosphere of the parties suggests that they are at the stage of to initiate a confrontation in connection with the deliberate exchange of arrows in the direction of places that are "places of pain". The other side is that the & # 39; current & # 39; above the election results and the & # 39; forces & # 39; rejected in proportion to its political and representative size, and in terms of the refusal of the & # 39; forces & # 39; to represent the flow broadly and reject the ministerial quota of the president.

The sources of "forces" by the "Republic" responsibility for the head of the "current" minister Gibran Bassil, describe it as "Almazum", which opens battles and confrontations with everyone.

The sources denied Bassil's accusation of the "forces" to weaken the position of the presidency and its powers, knowing that the "forces" on this site are burnt, "and explained that Dr. Geagea had it about the share of the president of the minister but wanted to remove this confusion, which intentionally integrated between the block of the president And the "current" block in an effort to increase the ministerial size of the "current" at the expense of others.

On the other hand, the circles of the & # 39; flow & # 39; of the & # 39; Republic & # 39 ;: the problem with the & # 39; forces & # 39; is big. Hariri and Jumblatt returned to the background of the scene, so that Dr. Geagea and Yassin would confront the covenant. On behalf of Chen this confrontation and with whom? She pointed out that this method will not lead to the imposition of an inflated part of the & # 39; forces, especially with regard to the sovereign portfolio, which will be the share of the block of 30 deputies while the other sovereign portfolio is a provision of the share of the president.

And the circles «Issued« forces »surprised the spearhead of the attack on the Covenant, especially on the subject of the relationship with Syria». The & # 39; troops & # 39; accused it of fighting on behalf of others today, which would only result in further damage to reconciliation, bringing the atmosphere back to the understanding of the Arabs & # 39 ;.

A leading source in the «armed forces» told the «news» that the obstruction of the formation of the government «comes from the minister Gibran Basil», «he insists on the arrest of the formation of interests and close profits in particular, and insists on an attempt to plant a dispute between the President and the Lebanese armed forces, to reverberate political nerves and public opinion at his expense, at the expense of the crown prince ». The source added that Bassil "insists on hiding behind the covenant when he is criticized, and to consider that the person who criticizes his greedy performance criticizes the covenant." The source explained that "the problem is not in the part of the covenant and not because it was an essential part of the agreement, but the problem in the calculation of Bassil for its share more than once, what the covenant and the agreement Maarab »Harms.

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