"Progressive Youth": we will remain the spearhead in defending liberties and preventing the return of black rooms

The Progressive Youth Organization considered that "the Lebanese people live in these dark days to turn the clock back, by restricting civilians and calling in activists and liberals," noting that "these attempts are doomed to fall like a fate All forms of oppression that the Lebanese have suffered in recent years, and that the freedom for which the most expensive is paid, will not be enjoyed by modern times in politics. "

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In a statement she pointed out that "in the face of today's repeated calls for free penholders of activists And the media and other citizens, Wadih Asmar, emphasize the" Organization of Progressive Youth "about the holiness of the freedom of opinion and expression, guaranteed by the Lebanese constitution, which is exercised against all repressive practices available to suppress and control, "aimed at" the struggle for or the defense of the freedom struggle and mobility must be launched And to prevent the return of the black chambers, which can not return at all costs. "

She confirmed" her absolute adherence to public freedoms and will remain a spearhead in her defense ", declaring that" it moves to all forces "Actors and life in the Gulf With the Lebanese, to a broad civilian to establish a front that will cover all available resources of this old and renewed security regime, that requires a new era and a new era, and ensure that Lebanon remains a free country that guarantees its people the right to freedom. "

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Source: Bulletin (Lebanon)

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