"Qena torment of fire" .. South province free from intimidation in the Eid

The celebrations of the citizens of the cities and centers of the province of Qena, Tuesday, on the first day of Eid al-Adha, of all cases of intimidation, where the security services have had no annotations since the beginning of the first day of the festival released.

A security source within the Qena Security Directorate told Al-Dustour that the security services in the government have not released minutes of harassment of youngsters against girls during the celebration of the cities and centers of the province, and he pointed out that officers and policemen spread around Eid-celebrities in the government.

It is remarkable that Qena is the province that witnessed many of the flags of Egypt in all areas, especially the poetry of Abdul Rahman Abnoudi (April 1938 – April 21, 2015), one of his pioneers since his migration to the north,

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