Radio Nour Sources to keep track of the process of authorship: the slogan of non-urgency has fallen and it became necessary to speed up the formation of the government

The free patriotic movement accused the head of the Samir Geagea troops of carrying out an external arrest of the government and defeating the power of the president of the republic.

Sources in the mainstream told Al-Akhbar that the delay in forming the government is due to the external arrest of the internal forces of Jumblatti and to the inability of Hariri. She added that Geagea was personally accused of defeating the alliance and weakening the President of the Republic and implementing this policy for personal purposes. The sources pointed out that they are today finding the Syrian issue in the same context to postpone the formation of the government. I asked the person who asked them to normalize? We work with Syria in accordance with existing relationships, and we do not need any more.

Sources close to the process of forming the government told the newspaper that there is a conviction that a presidential reviewer who gave the president-appointed Saad Hariri the time he needed to negotiate, and he carried his vision of the draft government formation to the President of the Republic, who approved or rejected or negotiated to improve it In accordance with the criterion of representation according to the results of the parliamentary elections. The sources were concluded with: The slogan of non-urgency has fallen and it is necessary to speed up authorship and not to hurry.

According to the newspaper Al-Akhbar, which quotes the visitors of the Baabda Palace, there will soon be a meeting, President Michel Aoun will meet with the acting President immediately after his return from abroad to discuss all matters relating to the process of authorship. to present.

The newspaper Al-Nahar pointed out that President Michel Aoun has learned a profound lesson on what needs to be done to continue the formation of the government and its urgency. Aoun is considering a source closely related to the President of the Republic and considering the position and the step that can be taken to end the existing chaos. Short-term.

In a tweet on Twitter, the Minister of Justice in the interim government, Salim Griissati, said that the declaration of the Lebanese armed forces supports the delay in forming the government and pretexts.

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