Republic of Zahle Electric: Expansion Ward Ward

On 25 August, Minister César Abi Khelil announced the existence of a plan for the post concession period of the Zahle concession, without giving details. According to the news, the plan has not yet been completed and the search is currently focused on three options, one of which is not expected to wait for the coming days.

"The needle of morphine "injected by the townspeople fed by the current through the electricity concession Zahle, that the power supply remains 24/24, until after the first of January 2019, the date of termination of the concession contract and the restoration of the state, so "promised" all officials in the Republic of Residents In Zahle, and this is the only "comprehensible" point of public opinion at the end of the concession file at the end of this year, otherwise no information is provided about the plan to be approved, Minister César Abi Khelil announced on 25 August that the ministry has established, Still keep silent about the details, suggest that things are over But only the announcement, but the information is that the "plan" is still investigating the available options and that no decision has been taken yet.

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