Responses to the places of communication reject exposure to the Qur'an and ask for an apology after Avram's invitation to interpret the Quranic verse: "You were the best nation to be brought to people" Saad Elias

BEIRUT – An interview with the OTV channel by Habib Afram, head of the Syriac League, elicited responses on social networking sites when he spoke about the need to interpret a Quranic verse with the words: "You were the best nation to go to the people were brought … "He asked," What does this mean? In a nation better than a nation? "… saying it must be" declared, because all men are equal. "
He did not stop at that moment, but his interlocutor in the "Dialogue of the Day" media program, George Yasmin, said: "The Holy Quran is on our heads and our eyes, but there is a verse that says: & # 39 Do not be sad and do not grieve & # 39 ;. " "Of all the constitutions of this region there is no equality, no matter how diverse the regimes are."
The answers came to place the words of Afram and Jasmine in the category of insulting Islam. The first of the converts was a member of the Future Bloc, former MP Ammar Houry, who wrote: "What Habib Afram said was a dangerous, oppressed , condemned and inflamed struggle. " He pointed out that the exposure to the Holy Quran is a red line. He must apologize and withdraw. & # 39;
In addition MP Faisal Karami has made the following statement: 24 hours after the interview with Habib Afram in a television interview, without any comment or standpoint to religious scholars, except by the mercy of my Lord, we are amazed for this shameful silence, which would result in civil disobedience If the talk about Afram has long been a political figure or a spiritual father of our leading scientists, and because the stakeholders have given up their duty to answer and explain what is in our holy Qur'an happened, I am responsible to God for clarifying any confusion with knowledge and knowledge. To people, you command what is good and forbids evil, and faith in Allah Behold, the believers and the most corrupt.
Yes, a nation that demands virtue and forbids evil and believes in God is the best nation, and whoever is different, the nation is innocent of it. "Do not be discouraged or grieve, but you are the highest, if you believe." The explanation is the most precious characteristic of Allah by the Muslims who are patient in the battle for one, so as not to weaken the tyranny of the unbelievers, when God preached to them the favors of bliss, the reward of their Jihad and their testimony, and stipulated that they were believers. "The exposure of Mr. Afram to our Quran and the doubting of his message breaks through any friendship, neither the persecution nor the ministry nor the rule of the whole world will compensate us for a reward from the Lord of the Worlds."
Yesterday, the head of the Syrian League, Habib Afram, said in a statement that "in order to avoid misunderstandings, distortions or exploitation, I have never claimed any change in the Qur'an, and I can not shout, I understand and respectfully respect the sanctity of his text for the Muslims.
I have talked about the interpretation of one verse, so that it does not understand that there is one better than one, in the context of my guidance with an idea that respects full equality, citizenship and the right of every person and every group.

Responses to websites that reject the Holy Quran and ask for apology
After Afram's call to interpret the Quranic verse, "You were the best nation brought to the people"
Saad Elias

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