Security forces reveal the circumstances of the crime of slavery

The security forces announced in a statement that "on 13/8/2018 the body of the citizen (HK, about 20 years old) was taken to a hospital in the vicinity of Halba, after being shot in the coffin by the exposure of his home in the vicinity of a project Was fired by unknown armed men and there was provisional information available that the victim had been killed by a dispute between the K family and the result of intensive investigations by the information department of the internal security forces. .), another immediate problem occurred between: _ (AB) with the nickname "Bbriish" on the one hand and between – (PG) Jordanian nationality (brother of the victim)), The first to bring a group of young people, among which: – AB (born in 1997, Lebanese) and AS (born 1999, Lebanese), and shot at the second party in the form:) Residing in his uncle's house (NK) and killed the murder (HC) at home was present. "

"By listening to the testimony of AB, he confessed his involvement with AB, (BA), (BH) and (AB) in attacking BG because he was exposed (AP), his wife and his mother, in apparent sugar , and the bullets of an AK-47 rifle fired from a rifle and a rifle to (B) and to his house.B), and the investigation is continued under the supervision of the competent judiciary.

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