So Bahaa al-Din Hajjar was arrested in Ain al-Hilweh!

Around 8:00 PM on Monday evening, the Mufti of the Abdallah Azzam Brigades at Ain al-Hilweh, Baha al-Din Hajer, 29, was arrested while on his way to his family's house in the al-Tira neighborhood in Ein al -Hilweh. Hejir is one of the most prominent suspects of the bomb attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut in November 2013. Investigations by Lebanese judicial authorities led to the suspicion that he was the intermediary between one of the suicide bombers and the leadership of his Abdullah Azzam Brigades. Palestinian security sources told Al-Akhbar that masked men followed the movement of Hajir and attacked him when he walked alone without an escort or a weapon in a tira-lane. . The sources confirmed that the group coordinated with the Lebanese intelligence service, which received him after his arrest after being brought directly outside the camp. Sheikh's star, who taught sharia law between his birthplace Ain al-Hilweh and Sidon, stood up and prayed in a mosque in Jadra after gathering information about the people involved in the suicide attack on two suicide bombers, Maeen Abu Zahar and Adnan al-Mohammad, in which two Lebanese civilians and two employees were killed. At the embassy.

And Hajjar Ibn Mahmoud Hajir, leader of the Palestinian Liberation Front, close to the Muslim militant atmosphere until he became a prominent leader in Jund al-Sham and then in the Abdullah Azzam Brigades under the supervision of the wanted in the Abu Mohammed Tawfiq Taha camp. Since then, the Palestinian leaders have not fulfilled the promises they made to the Lebanese security authorities during their extradition. Hijir's arrest brought together Muslim youth within a few minutes. The remains of the Jund al-Sham, Fatah al-Islam, the followers of the Abdallah Azzam Brigades and the Bilal Badr group were mobilized in the neighborhoods in which they were stationed, from Manshiyeh to emergency relief, al-Tayrah and Hittin. Sources within the camp pointed out that these groups sent powerful messages to the Palestinian leaders inside the camp accusing them of "violating the implicit promise not to hand over any Lebanese authorities". Fatah was the first accused with the help of military intelligence to reach Hejir, who said he was arrested two years ago by Islamist Imad Yassin, a member of the Da`sh organization, when he was arrested during a security operation in the camp. Army information sources refused to disclose the details of the arrest, "for security reasons and to pursue other purposes."

The heir al-Saadi, who was shot dead last Saturday while driving in a car next to the al-Safsaf mosque, was suspected of involvement in the crime. The Palestinian Embassy in Beirut is expected to meet with Palestinian factions and Islamic troops today to discuss security implications. Over the past three days, the camp has witnessed a warning by the Palestinian National Security Forces, the Joint Security Force and the Fatah movement in Fatah Street, the neighborhoods of Titba, Al-Ras Al-Ahmar, Al-Saadi (which lived in Ukraine and was married to a Ukrainian) would allegedly have been in contact with the Lebanese security services in cooperation with his second wife, the widow of a member of the joint security service who had been killed before. Fatah's mobilization was taken care of by "Islamic mobilization" in the neighborhoods where militant groups are based. Between the two confederations, the Islamic Ansar League started negotiations between the two parties in an attempt to calm the security situation and convince the Islamists to transfer the suspect to the security forces. However, the lack of contact between the League and the outcome of the situation, which led to the displacement of some parents of the birds and the red head to neighborhoods "relative" of the warning. The district administration of the Titiba from which the dead man was killed, held a meeting announcing his refusal to bury him until the suspect was transferred.

The residents of the Red Cape neighborhood have issued a statement demanding that the leaders of the factions and the Islamic troops take the father of the defendant from the neighborhood while waiting for the scenario of his companion box Bilal Badr in the Tira district to be repeated. that the Fatah movement ended in a clash where a number of victims were killed and dozens of houses were damaged. At the same time, the political leadership of the factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the Sidon region held a meeting in which it stressed the need to hand over the killer to the Lebanese judiciary and on Wednesday announced a general strike day in the camp. UNRWA has blocked schools in a number of stores and markets within the camp in the past few days, fearing a deterioration in the security situation.

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