«Stars whisper» stories about Naguib Mahfouz never published

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Hours on October 27, 2018
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October 26, 2018 / 18:37

The news of the publication of a new book by the late Naguib Mahfouz aroused a stir in the cultural and social media. Frequently asked questions that made the story a problem: Why was the Lebanese House of Saki chosen to publish the book of Naguib Mahfouz? Were the stories really unknown? What is the atmosphere of these stories?

Some Egyptian media contacted Bureitha Mahfouz, his daughter Umm Kulthum, and the most prominent question was why she chose a non-Egyptian house, although her father did not publish his works outside of Egypt. However, she only said that she had received many offers but chose the most suitable one.

"We have been transparent from the beginning," she said. We have mentioned in our statement that this work contains 18 stories from Naguib Mahfouz that have been published in a book for the first time. The story began when the Egyptian journalist Mohamed Shaer, who had been working for Naguib Mahfouz for a while, discovered that a series of stories published by Mahfouz in the journal Naseem Al-Dunya were not published in a book. After we presented the idea to the daughter of Mahfouz, we found out that it was the intention to publish it. From here we called his daughter and negotiated with her and reached an agreement to publish the stories in a book entitled "Whisper of Stars", which will be published in connection with the birth date of his birth on 11 December.

"The Naguib Mahfouz daughter's answer is elegant and intelligent," said the teacher. I summarized a lot with a few words. The view of the director was the best. We will not go into the details of the show, of course, because it is and will remain so, but it fits materially, morally and practically in a home like Naguib Mahfouz. At a time when a publisher strives for what we have obtained, I say that Dar al-Saqi is anything but bragging, a name, a history and a qualitative addition to every book, because we are committed to the form, position and spread from work. Ultimately we are a Lebanese-Arabic publishing company, we have distribution and distribution in all countries, so I say with love to the Egyptian readers that there is no difference between the Egyptian or Lebanese role. What is important is that the book will appear in an elegant color and be distributed wherever it is, and reach the Egyptian reader at a special price for the Egyptian market. "

About the title of the book, the teacher said that "Umm Kulthum is the one who chose the title of the book, which is originally the title of one of the stories published in the book. For our part, we agreed because it is a nice address. & # 39;

"We will work hard to make the book available at the Beirut fair because it is an important event and it coincides with its anniversary, but we still need to determine the program to launch it, because the case was quickly obtained and we will see, "he said. How things will go in the coming days. & # 39;

"I will not go into the details of the work, but I tell readers that in this book they will find Naguib Mahfouz, whom we love, his spirit, style and language."

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