State security in Nabatieh arrested 59 people with various offenses – Al-Manar TV site – Lebanon

The Directorate-General for Foreign Security (Directorate Nabatieh) succeeded in carrying out a series of security tasks resulting from the monitoring and follow-up of the security and social dangers that threaten Lebanese society and could arrest 59 people with various crimes,

– The arrest of the Lebanese (AS) for the crime of communication with a Jordanian girl who has US citizenship and tries to accompany her to occupied Palestine without permission from the Lebanese authorities.

– The arrest of 16 people for the crime of violating the system of stay and entering the healthily.

– Seven people were arrested for smuggling people from Syria to Lebanon and vice versa for money.

– 18 people arrested for drug use and drug trafficking.

– The arrest of a person for the crime of possession and promotion of counterfeit money and seizure of fake American money in his possession.

– Arrest A – A and A – G of the crime of belonging to terrorist organizations and communicate with its elements in Syria.

– 11 people have been arrested for prosecution and legal proceedings against them for various crimes.

– The detainee (AG) was arrested for car theft, drug abuse and drug abuse.

– Arrest of the guests (CR) and (MR) for theft.

"The preventive safety role and the measures and measures of the regional State Security Directorate, which previously dismantled the cells of terrorist organizations who intended to focus on security and stability in the south, including those who planned the military and UNIFIL and the resistance. aim to confirm the full readiness for the security of the state and all forces and security services in the South to protect stability and security in all our Lebanese regions. "

source: National Media Agency

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