Syria Today the Syrian Prime Minister announces facilities for the return of refugees

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From the site of the Agency in the time of the Levant, on Monday, August 20, 2018.

  Syrian prime minister announces facilities for the return of refugees

Syrian Prime Minister announces facilities for the return of refugees

During his visit to the New Jabbous Center at the Syrian-Lebanese border today, For the return of Syrian help displaced persons move abroad and simplify procedures in the light of the marked increase in the number of returned refugees.

Khamis pointed out that the Syrian government has formed a body to coordinate the return of Syrian refugees abroad and that in this context it communicates with various friendly countries.

The Prime Minister noted that the Syrian State provides the necessary facilities at the border crossings of groups or individuals, and provides medical services to those who need it.

Khamis added that the Syrian state facilitated the return of civilians to their mother country of Syria, who had left terrorism.

It is remarkable that the new Yabous center at the Syrian-Lebanese border receives the arrival of about 10 thousand displaced Syrians every day.

Source: Damascus now

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