Tal Abbas, the wounded and invited her three young men … Spread roses and roses and salute brigands

The soldier, Joseph Al-Dahr, the soldier Ronaldo Malki, and the young man Jihad Nader, yesterday, were flooded with life and floods and today they were betrayed by the accident after a terrible traffic accident at night on the highway of the city of Telhayat for arrival minutes to their homes. The mothers, fathers, brothers and friends cried bitterly about this. The sudden parting, on a date, and strengthened with them the city of West Talabas and all the people of the towns of the Akarip who participated in the funeral of the three young men whose white coffins, flag of Lebanon, on the neck in a moment The streets of the village ran from grief to the youth of the victims, Ms. Ala Behind the center of the city, where he led a group of comrades in arms and military salute.

The prayer was led by the patron saint of the Akkar diocese and his relatives of the Orthodox Romans, Metropolitan Basilius Mansur, assisted by a group of parish priests.

After the holy gospel, Mansur held a sermon in which he expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and asked God to inspire them with patience. He said, "Time is not the time to pray and hope in the Divine care and care that God sends to heart, beloved people of the dead who are at the mercy of God and those who have the mercy of the resurrection. "

After a brief account of the lives of the two soldiers and a monarch, the words of the pastor of the western city of Talabas, Father Khalil Gregg, expressed his deep sadness to the youth, "for whom we never expected them to meet and their families around their chests, but it is the will of God and his will, may God grant our children the grace of our children. "

The bodies of the victims were then grazed on the cemetery of the city and their families received condolences.

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