tayyar.org – Video – Removing the nails of a child and his body and burning his body with a cigarette. A terrible crime champion: Lebanese!

The majority of Paraguayan adults, who became presidents on August 15, were on Tuesday with the last session of a well-known trial, especially for another Lebanese, who followed his story with his nerves since December 2016, and sentenced him to 14 years He was deprived of any profession and amnesty for whatever reason, because he tortured a 16-month-old child with a brutal and brutal cocktail of bloody and varied violence.

Ali Fu & # 39; ani, born in 1991 in Beirut and resident of Ciudad del Este, a neighbor of Paraguay to the borders of southern Brazil, spent a month carrying the child's body with a cigarette and removing the nails from a of his hands in a non-metaphorical way. Hysterical style, according to the & # 39; Arab.Net & # 39; crime-gathered information from the local media sites in Paraguay, in which he left the escape from the mazes of Brazil, leaving an international arrest warrant followed by Interpol for about 3 weeks .

Armored that his client uses cocaine

But last year, Benayar surrendered to Paraguay, which had prepared a case against him to the extent that three judges had joined him since his trial in July 2017 began until his hearing yesterday. They refused the request of his ten-year-old Lebanese lawyer, Christian Touma, armed with cocaine and under his influence every time he tortured a child known to be a 17-year-old mother. He was also addicted to cocaine and mistress for Al-Foani. In Ciudad del Este, Paraguay The judges raised the request of his lawyer for 4 years, and made maximum sentence, so I would not expel the prison bars to leave Lebanon, but has become at least 41 years old.

Every time Ali Fouani emigrated to Paraguay for almost eight years, he fought with his girlfriend or the mother of the child. He beat her and threatened to kill him if she told someone about his abuse of him and her. Then he tortured him for her . December 20, 2016 In particular, he began to bite him and hit him and burnt places of his body with a cigarette he smoked. She sat in a corner of the room to shake and did not speak a word. Then he grabbed a few of his fingernails from the fingers of one of his hands and walked out of the apartment with the promise to return to kill her. Her mouth was for one, so she took advantage of it and unconsciously carried the child to a neighbor who helped her to move to M He will be treated like a relative, and if he has not been recognized by the doctors and sent back to his vitality, he can his last breath have blown out, so we see one of them in the attached video. We do not know who he is, he cursed and threatened him and attacked him yesterday after the verdict.

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