"The best thing I ever did" … Shiraz gets the result – Mahmoud Ibrahim

Shiraz's film "The Most Beautiful One", directed by Ziad Khoury, continued its success to complement Shiraz's success with Live Styles Studios, which previously presented a series of works that impressed.

Shiraz described the work as one of the most beautiful of her career.

The song "The Most Beautiful One" from the words of Amir Taaima, the melody of Mohammed Yahya, the spread of Tamim, the recording of Eli Berber and the studio Hadi Sharara.

The most recent songs of Shiraz in Egypt were "Sahar Sahar", which was recorded in Lebanon, directed by the Lebanese director Ahmed Al-Munajjid. The song was written by Mohammed Atef and composed by Mohamed Yehia and distributed by Khaled Nabil, a rhythmic Egyptian song similar to that of Shiraz, "What do you mean my absence", "Cajara" and "Sahrat Ayouni" and "Ayesh Maaya" and others.

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