The commander of the army attended a combat maneuver in the inventory of Aqoura Lalouk: Lebanon remains an oasis of security and stability

The Command Regiment in the area of ​​Jarad al-Aqoura – Al-Qalqouq performed a live maneuver with live ammunition to attack a hostile hostile company that had landed on a hill in the presence of army commander General Joseph Aoun, deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Karem, American Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard and a number of officers. Units of Fuji Artillery II, first armor, air force, permeated by the execution of grenades by tanks, artillery, aircraft, medium and light weapons.

The commander of the army praised the discipline of the units in the fire service, and their willingness to carry out the missions, in close coordination between the armed forces of land and air.

He also noted the history of the guerrilla regiment and his long journey, which offers plenty of sacrifices and sacrifices, and emphasizes that "Lebanon will remain an oasis of security and stability in the region thanks to the army's achievements."

The commander of the army received the German ambassador and presented the assistant secretary of Defense the cooperation between the two armies.

Aoun met Martin Huth at his office in Yarze, the German ambassador to the United Kingdom, and discussed the general situation in Lebanon and the region.

US Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert Karem was also received at the head of a delegation of US diplomats in the presence of the American Ambassador to Lebanon, Elizabeth Richard, and discussed the overall situation and cooperation relations between the armies of the two countries.

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