The danger of the Ministry of Health and the inability of the drug to deteriorate economy

Ghassan Hasbani, the Minister of Health in the interim government, sounded the alarm for the crisis in the pharmaceutical sector and the inability of the ministry to insure the patients.

The continuation of providing free drugs by the Ministry of Health to 25 thousand patients is threatened unless the budget is guaranteed medication, this is what Hasbani warned him at a press conference yesterday, the ministry, "It is unacceptable to have a Patient not to get on medication, regardless of the reasons And it is not acceptable to 25,000 patients who benefit from the drug free of charge from the Ministry of Health and increase their health problems.

"Since the disease does not distinguish between sectarian or regional or political, and the treatment is not interested in austerity in the budget, do not wait for the formation of a government or pull the political rope", says Hasbani, "that the budget line of the drug suffers from a chronic annual deficit in 2016 of about 80 billion dollars. Especially with the introduction of new types of cancer medicines and incurable diseases.

To mitigate this shortage, Hasbani announced that the ministry has developed scientific protocols to describe drugs and to reduce the 63% exceptions in 2017 compared to 2016, and some are due to the lack of social security medicines for patients at the ministry. Health and other guarantees and rationalization of drug orders on the island By identifying quarterly rather than annually to prevent the accumulation of types of drugs and other types of disruptions, the deficit falls from 80 billion to 38 billion euros.

Noting that these steps alone are not enough to solve the chronic shortage of medicines, he said: During the discussion of my budget in 2017 and 2018, we repeatedly demanded that the budget be increased and not increased sufficiently, and I can not stop the drug under any circumstances. In the interim government, Ali Hassan Khalil, to secure the necessary funds for the drug, it is urgently needed. "I am sure they share our concerns about the health of our patients and try to alleviate them."

Hasbani offered «steps taken in the context of the request to increase the budget of medicine and was the first to hold a press conference on Wednesday (January 3) warning against the danger of not increasing the budget article of medicine. The request from the Council of Ministers to transfer the adoption of the requirement for the medicinal product from the budget reserves to the budget of the Ministry of Health, four times: on 21/7/2017, 24/1/2018, 9/3 / 2018 and 13/8/2018, however, and on Despite the repeated and urgent requirement that the point of funding of the drug is not placed on the agenda of the Council of Ministers, at a time when it is not possible to take the medication of a deserving patient, regardless of the mechanisms and reasons. There are more than 25,000 patients from all affiliates and regions that receive their medicines for chronic and chronic diseases from the Ministry of Health, although a large number of them are refused by other guarantors, do not insure the medicines mentioned by the Ministry of Health, Other guarantees, in particular social security. "

He pointed out that «the ability of the Ministry of Health to refuse to meet these requests within the legal framework without proper provisions and budgets in the right place», pointing out that «a number of deputies the issue of the drug post during called the plenary meeting to discuss the budget and asked for more approval. But did not add an amount to the budget ».

He wished that "the subject should be submitted to the House of Representatives in the event that it was held, and consider the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance to find a solution to this problem in the special phase of business. The state must ensure the good and complete health of its citizens, knowing that the Ministry of Health continues to provide medicines in a well-considered and codified way, while another guarantees the provision and coverage of the medicines ».


Then a dialogue with journalists explained that the "medicine on the budget of the Ministry of Health of about £ 145 billion and added to the amount of 10 billion for special cases had previously been approved by the Council of Ministers, but we need £ 50 billion. per year to add. The sum of £ 80 billion that I had in the press conference included the amounts due from last year and the amounts due from this year onwards to continue in an acceptable and solid year in the coming years ».

"We've done everything we can to reduce the burden of balancing medicines as much as possible, but we can not prevent people from following their treatment, and it's well known that many can not afford it," he said. Secure treatment only without assistance. That is why we need to concentrate on this problem, because it is a human social responsibility and the state can not leave it, and we propose the possibility to transfer investments to certain services in other places to medicines and treatment because of the humanitarian importance of this issue ".

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