The delay in project implementation is due to the acquisition crisis

The head of the Council for Development and Reconstruction, Nabil al-Jisr, said that "the delay in the implementation of projects that will reduce traffic congestion in Lebanon is the result of the crisis of acquisitions and that there is a solution", remarks that many projects have been studied and decrees have been issued. "But without the solution to this crisis, we can not carry out any project, because of course we have to own the land before we think of a project, even before financing."

He told the bridge that "this crisis is on its way to the booth, especially after the adoption of the 2017 budget, which contains a program to resolve the crisis of acquisitions, and we hope to follow this law after the formation of the government. Activate, "add:" Today we try as much work as possible for the execution of projects to reduce congestion We have ordered the financing for the Jounieh road after the state could have secured the acquisitions, and we had the tender, and we had to start bidding on September 4, but the contractors demanded a deadline of two to three weeks. "We can say that the wheel was moving at this stage and obstacles on the way to dessert, and I am optimistic."

"As far as the airport road is concerned, we were instructed by the Council to study how the roads leading to the Beirut international airport extend to accommodate 21 million passengers, and today we are carrying out this study, which shows the traffic congestion. the area should be reduced, we can not forget the circular highway that starts from the Khalda area and end in the Dbayeh area. "

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