The killing of a leader of the Houthi militias in Saada, Yemen

Arab media revealed the murder of Houthi leader Ahmed Jubran,
Officer of the parachute brigade in Maran Saada Yemen

This came after the Yemeni government asked the UN Security Council for investigation
The activities of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Yemen by providing assistance to
Houthi militias

He was a military commander in the presidential guard troops of Yemeni President Abdurbo Mansour
Hadi survived an assassination attempt in the Yemeni capital Aden on Saturday

Sources said: "The terrorists planted an explosive device on the way back
Brigadier General Sanad Al-Rahwa, commander of the First Brigade, Presidential Guard (Presidential Guard), on his return from
The Brega district west of Aden, and was exploded at the time of the procession, but without causing any casualties
"He said.

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