The Ministry of Health again warns of the danger of eating poisonous fish

Arabic window The Public Information Office of the Ministry of Health issued the following statement:
"Following his statement of 19 April 2018, which warns against eating and catching the toxic Lagocephalus spadiceus, the Ministry of Health warns against fish or buying this type of fish.
Remember that this type of fish has invaded our sea for over ten years and that consumption can lead to paralysis of the ascending and weak muscles of the lower limbs because it contains a deadly toxin Tetrodotoxin throughout the body, especially in the ovaries, the liver. and the skin. Poisoning can start after four to twenty hours of eating or touching the fish, poisoning can sometimes lead to death due to stopping the respiratory and nervous system and the risk that there is no antidote or medication for this poison so far.
So please report any fish you sell on Hotline Ministry of Health 1214, hoping that everyone will work together for the health and safety of the Lebanese citizen. "

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