The municipality of Tripoli keeps pace with the slaughter of sacrifices

The Department of Health and Hygiene in the municipality of Tripoli accompanied the slaughter of sacrificial animals to control and reduce the waste resulting from slaughter by distributing bags and tons to the gazelles.

The municipality gave a circular warning to owners of ships and civilians to violate the instructions to maintain safety and hygiene, In the circular: "The municipality of Tripoli warns all people and citizens and learns that the observers of the ministry of Health and Hygiene with the municipal police will follow the days of Eid al-Adha to weld and slaughter in slaughter sites, through continuous patrols about the exploits and sacrifices, "The mayor of the congregation, Ahmad Qamaruddin, toured with the president of the environmental committee of the city council Mohamed Nour Al Ayoubi and the heads of the departments involved to inspect the work of the salt and slaughter sites and to warn their owners to follow the instructions and maintain the safety of the offenders. Citizens, hygiene and public safety.

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