The name of the street Basem Mustafa Badr al-Din interaction … Sources with "internal": timing provocative

The newspaper "Middle East": The naming of the Al-Ghubairi community in the southern suburb was a street in the name of Hezbollah's leader, Mustafa Badr al-Din, who was declared dead in Damascus in May 2016. He is one of the main suspects in the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. After denying the signing of a resolution allowing the municipality of Ghubairi to name the street Badr al-Din, the Minister of the Interior in the interim government, Nihad Almashnouk, removed the banner on Tuesday and stressed that the decision had not been ratified.

According to sources in the Ministry of the Interior, the political timing of this issue is provocative, which arose during the work of the International Tribunal, while it emphasized for the "Middle East" that the subject is politically rather than administrative and refuses the law. to use to threaten political and social security.

The sources explained that according to custom, the municipalities have to wait until the Ministry of the Interior signs a rejection or acceptance and no municipality has made use of article 63 in the past ten years, which also confirms that no comparable precedent has been established for naming streets and topics related to political and security issues, The documents that are needed for this sometimes take months, which is due to the & # 39; interior & # 39; was made with regard to the request to give a name in the name of Badr al-Din, who is the subject of a political and sectarian dispute, and can lead to problems that threaten security and order, decision had to wait.

The sources said that the street is located in an area where the people of Beirut are forced to behave permanently on their way to the governmental hospital Rafik Hariri, located between the Ghubairi areas and the new road.

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