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The team of Internal Security Troops continued its triumphant march in the Minneapolis Football Tournament and opened the sixth round (first round) with a new victory over the host of the second round without a run.
Hassan Younis scored in minutes 6, 22 and 32 and Jaris Awad, 10, 15, 50, Khalid Al-Sati, 15 and Samer Hawi. 16, 37, Ibrahim Okasha d.29, Ali Hamoud, 44, and Amina Al Sala, an error in the goal of his team D.45, while scored by Major General Rafid al-Salama 14, Mohammed Al-Qadri, 26. Mu & # 39; tasim Al-Jasim d. 34, in the game that took place at the court of Lucy and led by the rulers and Salim Salloum Ali Alawi and Ali Qaliat.
(15 points), Al-Ain (5), Al-Ain (5), Al-Ain (5), Ahmed Hajo (5), 30, 42, Hussain Najdi, 7, 17, 45, Mehdi Harb, 23, 38, Basel. Fakih d. 31, 36 and Ali Shukroun 46, in the match that took place in the stadium of Odysseh and was led by referees Qassim Habas, Aref Makkal and Rwad Silika.
In the same group, Shabab Al-Taiba won the third (12 points) in the fourth Bekaa with a score of 5-2 and Hussein Shit scored 2, 50 + 1, Mohammed Musallani 4, Fawzi Hamoud 21 and 22 in the game. Ali Nahari and led by the rulers Hassan Salman and Ali Arzoni and Hassan Ayoub.
In the second round, Challing (16 points) defeated the sixth seeded Fernand (6-1), Mohammed Hafez (2), Abdul Hamza (21), Mahmoud Al-Ali (22), 37, Ali Sabra (40), 48 Ghassan Al-Dalbani scored a 42nd goal in the game that took place in the Kokudi stadium, led by referee Hassan Salman, Ali Arzoni and Kamal Shbo.
Atletico Jbeil (13 points) defeated Inter Milan Antelias V (3 points) with a score of 3 – 2. Hassan Bajouq scored a score of 9 and 17 and Qassem Ezzeddin scored 36. 42, in the match that took place in the Amchit Stadium and led by referees Qassem Habas, Raed Abboud and Khalil Musa.
(7 points), scored by Mohammed Mahdi 16, 48, Khalid Shaaban, 18, 19, Ibrahim Al Shami, 24, 50, and Mohammed Shamri, who won the championship. 39, in the game that took place at the playground of the invaders and led by the rulers Aref Machel and Ali Arzoni and pioneers Silika.
In the third group, Al Ittihad Al Adaisa (16 points) defeated Al Shabab Jibal Al Butm 6 (3 points) with a score of (6-4) and scored by Ibrahim Hamoud D. 11 and Ali Al Hadi Ramal .32 and Ramzi Abu Haider 35 and Ahmed Raslan 43, Hassan Ghazzal 47 and 51, while the youth Mohammed Hijazi † 4 and Ahmed Shor † 14, 21 and 49, in the match that took place at the Jebel Al-Butm Stadium and led by referees Qassem Habas, Youssef Saeed and Hussein Jafal.
Al-Ghassania & # 39; s second post (11 points) was scored by Al-Ghassaniya (6 points) with a score of (3-1). That took place in the stadium of Baqasfreen under the direction of umpires Aref Mukhl and Ali Shihimi and Mohammed Khalid.
Al-Majd Al-Ghazaia lost 9 points for Shaqra and Duubeh 4 (7 points) with a score of 2-3 The winners scored Mohammed Abdul Hussain D1, Mohammed Sulaiman 32 and Reda Nassar 50 + 3. Dahir .33 and Hussein Froukh 46 , and saw the game led by the governors Toni Nayel, Youssef Saeed and Mohammed Abu Rish in the field of invading the player Chakra and Dupe Mohammed Suleiman for the second warning.
In the fourth group, Al-Bekaa youth group won 14 points at Q.S.C. (4-3), Ali Mahdi scored 4, 9 and 30, Abdul Hadi Hussein scored 25 + 1, Mohammed Saeed scored 1 and Sadik Isa scored 11 and 20. The game was led by referees Hassan Salman, Tony and Nael En Hussain Khreis in Al Shabanieh Stadium the youth player of the Bekaa Ali Mahdi kicked for misconduct.
(4 points) and Habib Jameel Shaitani (4), Habib Darwish (13), 22 Raslan Raslan (46), Majid Ali Atwi D. 47, in the match that took place on the field of Kawthariyya Siyad and led by the rulers Ali Eid and Wissim Salam and Ali Qaliat.
The score for the third goal (9 points) was equal to the score of the fifth row (6 points) with a score of (1 – 1), scored by Lionel Yunan, 46, and Ahmed Farahat scored 25. The game, which was held at Amchit Stadium, Saeed Muhammad Abu Rish, the expulsion of players Fouad Ghanem for misconduct and Liuenel Yunan for the second warning.


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