The official website of Al-Jadid channel, local authorities, two dead and three wounded … Burj Hammoud turns into a battlefield with knives!

In the Burj Hammoud area, two people were killed and three injured, one of which was in critical condition, after they developed into a knife clash.

In detail, a verbal clash between a young Syrian and a 70-year-old Armenian citizen developed into insults that led to the murder of the Armenian man by Syrian youth.

The problem arose soon after a group of young Armenians pursued the Syrian, accompanied by a friend, to form, including the development of a knife battle that was killed at the first Syrian battle and seriously injured his friend and a number of young attackers were taken to the hospital.

The Lebanese army was present in its patrols to the area, where it worked to keep things under control and to restore peace in the streets and prevent the development of the problem.

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