The official website of Al-Jadid channel, Localities, Thursday Weather is partly cloudy with a slight increase in temperature

The meteorological department of the Civil Aviation Administration (CAA) expected it to be Thursday, partly cloudy to sometimes cloudy with fog on the highlands and a slight temperature rise.

The following bulletin states:

– General condition: stable and humid summer weather manages the eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

– Expect again in Lebanon:

Wednesday: Partly cloudy to cloudy with little change in temperature and heavy fog on the highlands.
Thursday: Partly cloudy to sometimes cloudy with fog on the highlands and a slight rise in temperature in mountainous areas and inland.
Friday: Few clouds to partly cloudy and with little temperature differences, the fog is on the highlands and the wind is sometimes active, especially in the northern region.

– Expected temperatures: on the coast from 23 to 31 degrees, above the mountains from 17 to 27 degrees, the interior from 17 to 36 degrees.
– Wind: Southwestern daytime, with a speed of 10 to 30 km / h.
– Refusal: general average on the coast, the highlands deteriorate due to fog.
– Relative humidity on the coast: between 60 and 80 percent.
– Sea is: low wave to wave. Water surface temperature: 30 degrees.
– Atmospheric pressure: 758 mm Hg.
– Sunrise: 6.4 hours Sunset: 19.18.

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