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The Nabataean barriers remain until September 25

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  • Nabatiyeh

Al-Akhbar newspaper reported that the director general of the internal security services, Major General Imad Othman, sent a cable to the Ministry of the Interior, the military, the unit commanders, the general staff, the inspector, on Friday. General and the operating room to cancel the security group in Nabatiyeh, To act immediately and the implementation of this measure until August 24 this month. "

"The security situation in Nabatiyeh is stable," he said, adding that although the cable connected Osmans decision to "stability" in the city, this caused confusion in a city that has repeatedly received terrorist threats in recent years. What made matters worse was the approaching date for the revival of Ashura. The decision was not new, but was recommended by the regional command of the Gendarmerie and the Service and Operations division since last June. But the political interventions with Major General Osman and the information branch led to the postponement of the decision to remove the eight barriers at the entrances of the city outside Ashura, and in particular until the date of September 25 thereafter.

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