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The Lebanese Cup in the French billiards (Carumbol) 2018, which witnesses an exciting match between the players, was held in the Dynamo Club lounge under the patronage of Mayor Raymond Simon and under the supervision of the Lebanese member of the Billiard and Snooker Association Assaad Al-Azar.
The confrontations of the role of the 16 resulted in the following results:
Mounir al-Qadi won Munther Orfali (40-33), George Zion (Nabil Saleh) (40-23), Jihad Qulfat on Jan Saifi (40-36), Bernard Massoud on Bassam Zahlan (40-26) and Yasser Rohidi ( 40-33), Fadi Abu Saleh, Al Wasif, Joseph Al-Arayed (40-30), Abbas Nanaoua, Ahmed Aboud and George Latif on Ohanas Nazarian (40-14).
In the quarter-finals, Abbas meets Na & # 39; unah George Zion and Munir Al-Qadi with George Latif, Yasser Shahib with Jihad Qulfat and Fadi Abu Saleh with Bernard Massoud.

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