The official website of the al-Jadid channel, local, a statement by the Democratic Party on the prevention of Cesar Abi Khalil against entering the city of Rumaila-Aley

The Lebanese Central Committee of the Lebanese Democratic Party has issued a statement stating: "The Archbishop of Beirut The Maronite Archbishop Boulos Matar participated on Sunday morning in a divine Mass in the church of the city of Al-Ramleh-Aley. César Abi Khalil and the activities of the region After the Mass, Abi Khalil decided to leave for a condolence arrangement in Salvaia, where he did not intend to participate or to attend the house in the sandy area where the deadline was at 1.30 pm An hour and a half from the date of completion of the Mass, which is forced "However, after the Mass was completed, information was received by the head of the department, Wasim Sayegh, who was accused of representing Arslan during the mass, with an action by some young men of the Socialist Party in the region, with the aim of objecting to mass. The presence of MP Abi Khalil in the village house, which was initially not attended by an internal circular of the socialist party, celebrates his delusional heroism to prevent Abi Khalil from visiting the house of the village. "

The following statement:

First: if MP Abi Khalil actually wanted to participate in the house of Dai We have no idea who would have resisted or played fake tournaments that no longer exist or one of our regions, but as mentioned earlier, Abi Khalil did not intend to be mainly present because of his previous obligations, and the declaration of the municipality confirms this
] Secondly: our customs and traditions go assuming that we welcome and welcome guests, so if the guest is a deputy for the region, the exposure to him and to one of the members of the block is rejected and rejected and he will not succeed.

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