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From refugee to millionaire … Lotto Award changes the life of Huda Ismail

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Palestinian Huda Ismail became rich after Lotto turned her life into a millionaire after winning the draw on Thursday.

Ismail, a Palestinian refugee who lives in the Burj al-Barajneh camp and a mother of five, said that she and her husband have been playing lotto regularly since 1996.

"Every morning I think about it," she told the Lebanese media, "if I drink coffee, I have a few ideas, what do I do if I win the lottery, if I or my husband have won?" "We will think together about what we will do with it."

She explained that she was alone at home on Thursday evening when her son and her husband came to tell that the lot she had bought was the winner.

Ismail, who will receive 3,888,823,342 Lebanese pounds ($ 2,581,167.61), said: "I am happy, I do not know what to say," pointing out that she will give her children a good life.

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