The official website of the Al-Jadid channel, the local authorities, the security forces ask the lawyers to take off their shoes and belts before they meet their customers in Roumieh?

The complaints of the lawyers about mistreatment by members of the internal security forces during their visits to the central prison of Roumieh have escalated, according to the newspaper Al-Akhbar.

The newspaper pointed out that the head of the Tripoli Bar Association, Abdallah al-Shami, wrote a letter to Interior Minister Nihad al- He told what had happened to some lawyers in the Roumieh prison, where security forces sent them asked to take off their shoes and belts before they met their customers. Al-Shami spoke about the shock of the lawyers who had assessed the responsible officer and replied that the decision had been issued on the pretext that he was not allowed to allow the visit. He said in his letter to Al-Mahnouq that this action "constitutes an insult to the law of lawyers and lawyers, and that is what they do not like and do not accept."

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