The security camera suits the best man who is fluent in the world

Surveillance cameras in a store have arrested a British thief who is famous for his ability to hide and out of sight.

John James McMinnamin, nicknamed JJ, was arrested by the police after breaking a suspended prison sentence by stealing a collection of DVDs from a shop.

The 32-year-old JJ released news broadcasts in January when he could watch the police for 48 hours after being indicted without a license. The police had an exciting chase against the young man who broadcast Social Media, before volunteering to the police and receiving conditional prison sentences.

During the period that he followed his behavior, JJ stole the Asda store in Harrogate, where surveillance cameras saw a collection of DVDs, Blu-ray discs and memory cards.

The police arrested JJ, who confessed to known cases such as theft and drug trafficking. Research has also shown that he has used a number of aliases and birth dates during his crimes.

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