The socialist explains his position on his disagreement with the current

Hariri tries it and General Abbas Ibrahim can intervene in this matter

Despite the obstacles without new developments in the formation of the government, Prime Minister Saad Hariri is still "serious attempts to produce acceptable exits between all parties from now until the end of the month, and these attempts include different scenario". s ", reported the newspaper.

As far as the dispute between the "Free Patriotic Movement" and "Progressive Socialist" is concerned, the fronts are still burning government and "Tuitria" and administratively seen against the background of the decisions that are exchanged between the parties by removing employees, without intervention of a mediator to resolve the dispute.
In this context, according to observers, the newspaper revealed the possibility of "the intervention of the Director General of Public Security, Major General Abbas Ibrahim again between the parties, as he did in earlier stages," according to the newspaper.

Letters from & # 39; Socialists & # 39; The newspaper told his position about the conflict with the current and said: "We were not essentially looking for a day to fabricate a record, not with the & # 39; free patriotic movement & # 39; nor with others, and steps that MP Walid Jumblatt have long taken to protect stability and civil peace, even though it was not popular in some stations known to my parents. "

On the other hand, the sources said that "abuses committed by the current" of the attempt to undermine the "Taif Agreement" and its violation by the issue of presidential powers to the movement of revenge in the hands of ministries in an unprecedented precedent in the history of present-day Lebanon, in addition to the poor management of various national files From the lack of a vision to fight corruption and to keep the most expensive and least sustainable solution in the electricity file with what is hovering because of the smells of deals, as well as the language of winter and the method used by some officials of the current & # 39; obsolete & # 39; is assumed. All these headlines that feed the controversy Unfortunately and do not end it. "

The sources added: "It became clear that the use of" current "and its deputies in the continuation of the language of insults and threats and intimidation due to the weakness of the political argument that they do not have, and therefore in the direction of this dangerous escalation push, and we will not hesitate to respond where it should.

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