The son of a former Hezbollah leader publishes photos from the secret prisons of the Beirut organization

In a surprise and great shock to the Lebanese Hezbollah, the son of one of the founders of the party, Ali Hussein Mazloum, revealed a number of crimes of the pro-Iranian organization against the Lebanese, emphasizing that the party has a group of secret Prison runs in the southern suburbs of Beirut. Page of the son of the leader "src =" side-of-page-son-leader.png "title =" side of the son page of the leader "/>
Side of the son of the leader

The terrorist organization, according to the confessions of the oppressed on his Facebook page, held his opponents under torture and humiliation, whereby the prisoner was subjected to the worst forms of beatings and torture

<img alt = "A prison in a residential area" src = " Prison- In-een- residential areas. "PNG" style = "height: 294px; width: 550px;"
Prison in a residential area

The son of the deceased leader of the party said he was held for one year in one of the prisons in which he was subjected to the worst forms of torture and humiliation. Detention is located in the residential areas of the southern suburb of Beirut.

<img alt = "Access to Hezbollah's secret prison" src = " Entrance – prison – secret – of the festival -Allah PNG "style =" height: 291px; width: 550px; "1965/1965] The head of the terrorist party said:" The party has a number of prisons controlled by the preventive and security units, and in which some of the offenders are locked in. Of the organizers in his ranks, or some Lebanese and foreigners who arrest or abduct them on various accusations. "

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